How you can show your support to Arumba

If you would like to support me there are now a number of ways to do so.  The simplest is a one-time donation via Paypal.

Outside of that you can check out my Patreon page as well.  If you prefer streaming, you can subscribe on Twitch.

You can sign up for Amazon Prime for 30 days for free and I get a referral bonus.  You can use that free trial to also support me on Twitch!

You can buy any kind of stuff on Amazon using this link to support me indirectly.

If you already have Amazon prime, once per month you can support the channel with your free Twitch Prime Membership.

Lastly, the best ‘revenue share’ possible is via direct Paypal Monthly subscriptions (~95% goes through to me).  Feel free to read more here:

Before you click off this page, I’d like to just quickly give you something to consider when it comes to supporting the channel and how significant an impact you can make.  First, thank you for coming here and considering supporting the channel.  Second, I only want people who have the financial means available to them to consider supporting the channel.  If you do, great, if you don’t, please continue to enjoy the videos, comment, like, participate.  Your presence is welcome and I am very glad to have your eyes and ears on the channel!

Here is my logical argument for why you should support the channel:  Let’s say in any given month you have your income and your expenses. You budget hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for various things that you either need, or you want.  Let’s say you like to go out to dinner, or you like to go to the movies, or you buy music or dvds.  Whatever form of entertainment you enjoy, you spend money on it.  Let’s use that movie goer’s idea as an example.  The average movie ticket in the US (according to costs $7.96 per person as of the most recent data.  You pay ~$8 and you get 2 hours of entertainment, maybe 3 if you only go to the longest movies out there.  Then you pay $20 for popcorn and some soda.  And add another $8 for your date/spouse.  (And a god-awful amount if you happen to bring your kids).  So once per month you get entertained for 2 hours and it costs you somewhere between $8 if you went alone with no snacks, as as much as $8+$8+$20=$36 if you went on your average date night movie.  All for a meager 2 hours of entertainment.

On the other hand, I put out 8 videos per day, every single day, that vary between 15 minutes and 25 minutes in length.  Let’s assume the shortest length for arguments sake and say 15 minutes x 8 video x 365 days per year = 43,800 minutes of entertainment per year.  /12 = 3,650 minutes per month.  /60 = 60.83 hours per month.  Now naturally, not everyone will watch every single video that goes up on the channel.  But if you even watch a *tenth* of the videos I make, you are getting over 6 hours of entertainment per month.  Is it as good as a movie?  Maybe. Probably not.  But is it worth *some* nominal value that is greater than $0?  Definitely.  At the $14.99 subscription option you’re paying a massive $.06 per video each month.  Crazy, isn’t it?

If you do decide to support me and the channel, here is what you get:  The sooner the ‘internet business model’ becomes significant enough to support me and my wife and three kids, the sooner I will do this full time.  When that happens I will be able to invest more time in video quality, length, and editing, as well as invest in better equipment for even more audio/video quality, and higher FPS in the games that I play.  You can directly help me achieve my goals, and even live vicariously through me if you would like! 😉  I hope to someday soon add special subscriber only features, and I will likely look to YOU to help me decide what would be a suitable bonus for being a member of those that support the channel directly.

So you decide for yourself.  If you enjoy the content, if you find yourself waiting for the next video, or returning to the channel frequently, *and* you have the means to financially support it, please consider doing so.  Thanks for hearing me out, and whether you decide to subscribe or not, I am very glad to have you as a part of the audience.  Thank you!

Oh, and just in case you don’t like logical arguments, let me give you one final emotional argument.  Do it cause you like me.  I like you, you like me, that’s good enough reason, right?