Arumba’s Mods and Packs

Crusader Kings II

Europa Universalis IV


  • Refactorissimo series modpack
  • A slightly different modpack I use in my A Rocket Per Patreon series and the modpacks used on the community servers are found here. If you have downloaded the modpack you need to unzip it in your mod folder normally found in %appdata%\Factorio. You just search for ‘Arumba’ in the public games list, and you’ll find the nearly permanent game available for joining.  The server is reset on occasion, but often runs for a few days at a time before starting a fresh save.  In this time, huge amounts of progress is made since it is a community factory.
    • Note that this pack is used for the community server, which is free to join and play on.  Please join this discussion on Discord if you intend to join the community server!
    • Please abide by the guidelines you see upon immediately spawning into the world, and respect your fellow engineers!
    • Link to Discord chat
      • You can take it a step further (if you would like!) and join the voice channel as well. It is highly recommend for the best possible experience for you and the other players, even if you don’t have a mic yourself you can still listen to the discussion.  We often have as many as 20+ people in voice chat during most of the day.
      • Link to Voice chat
    • The mods being used in my solo series are slightly different since it is a single player game, and since I frequently make minor adjustments to it for my own personal use, I will not be maintaining an active and current link.  Please join the community map with the modpack above if you would like a very similar experience to what you see on my YouTube series.
  • MASA Series ModPack (The campaign is officially over, but you may still use this link for a time)

Victoria 2