About Arumba

I started making YouTube videos March 3rd, 2013. My very first video was for Crusader Kings 2, a game that I had played obsessively for almost a year. I created that first couple videos because I felt like there weren’t enough videos on YouTube that showed solid game-play with good video quality. I wanted to fill that need by putting up only 1080p quality videos and being as clear as possible in the strategy I was using, explaining as I went. This has been a primary goal for the channel ever since. High quality video, (now) high quality audio, and the most description of what I am trying to do in a video as I can. My sense of humor is strange, and it filters in here and there, but the core mission is to educate.

In no particular order, here are some of the existing YouTube channels that had inspired me to begin: Quill18, GetDaved, TotalHalibut, Day9, OfficialNerdCubed, PsyStarcraft, Northernlion, Sxephil.

These people come from a variety of different niches, mostly gaming, but Sxephil is something else entirely. I did what I usually do; I take the best I can from those around me. I loved Day9’s passion for what he does. I love Sxephil’s work ethic and consistency. Quill18 and I basically have a passion for the exact same games, without discussing anything we seem to play the same titles every month. I admired OfficialNerdCubed earnest and almost gleeful attitude about what he does. The other’s I’ve mentioned had their own particular impact on me as well.

As the channel started to grow I realized that with consistency and quality it *should* continue to grow. 6 months later (As of this About-Edit), the channel is at 16,000 subscribers and ~70,000 daily views. I am excited about the growth rate, and even more excited to see how long it will continue. A static growth model would predict ~35,000 subscribers by the end of the year, with roughly 153,000 daily views. It will be interesting to reflect back on this post and see what actually unfolds over the next few months.

Updated 7/22/2014

So now we are at ~70k subscribers!  The daily views per subscriber have come down as the channel has matured, and the type of content has diversified, but overall views are higher than before.

To answer some common questions I see in channel and video comments, here is some information about my workflow and system:

I record my videos with Shadowplay, encode the files down to a reasonable size with Handbrake, and then upload to YouTube. I use the EV RE20 microphone with a RME Babyface audio interface. I use SonyVegas for my occasional (rare) editing jobs, though whenever possible I prefer to shoot live and keep it unscripted. Mistakes are human. I want to be as transparent as I can be.

Updated 03/18/2016

A year and half later at we are fast approaching 200K subscribers!  And still waiting for Hearts of Iron IV and now Stellaris as well!  The channel has grown significantly and is doing very well, though I imagine we would be in an entirely different place if it weren’t for the 1+ year delay of Hearts of Iron IV.  This summer is going to be a very important period of growth for the channel, and I will be doing everything in my power to capitalize on the releases of new Paradox Interactive titles.

These days I am using OBS Studio to record, and Adobe Premiere Pro to do my editing.